Do you ever feel your life doesn’t matter?

There are a lot of ideas in this world of ours that just aren’t true… and yet they can hurt our hearts and weigh us down. One is the idea of what a meaningful, successful life is.


As I look around, I see precious women who love God and show their love for Him in quiet service of others (not just women, but this was written primarily for them, as I can relate to their struggle). Their lives are not about trying to earn anything from God, but just in gratitude for what Jesus has done on the cross, humbly seeking to serve and to tell others about what He has done for them. And I believe that such lives are deeply precious to God. They may not always be quiet in that they are willing to speak about what they have found in Him, but they are quiet in that they are often hidden, and seem to be unimportant.

In spite of what the world says, success is not about money or power or applause. It’s not even about being well known. It’s about faithfully serving God wherever He has called us to be… trusting that His opinion is what matters in the end.

I hope that the words below are an encouragement.

A Quiet, Faithful Life

“She is far more precious than jewels.” Prov 31:10b (KJV)

There is a gift oft overlooked

By those who rush on by:

A legacy of loyal love:

A quiet, faithful life.


Not loud applause or neon bright

But soft said, unsung days

And love lived out, sincerity:

Faith in the everyday.


In quiet ways and steadfast days,

Little things we may not see,

But God sees differently to us,

With His own currency.


The rich worth of a faithful life

In loyal love lived out

Is treasured high in Heaven’s realms,

Where different values count.


The normal can be beautiful

When lived out true in love,

And God can use a willing heart

That serves in simple trust.


Not perfectly, for Christ paid all.

He died upon the tree.

But thankfulness; a tender heart

That just serves gratefully.


Like gemstones hidden in the sand

Or diamonds in the rough,

This treasure of obscurity

Is precious, rich, from love.


And when we stand on Heaven’s shore

We will be surprised

At how God honours love lived out

In quiet, faithful lives.


Scripture quotations from The Authorized (King James) Version. Rights in the Authorized Version in the United Kingdom are vested in the Crown. Reproduced by permission of the Crown’s patentee, Cambridge University Press

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