God can do amazing things. Never underestimate Him. Never try to put Him in a box. He is far, far bigger than that. He is God. And He loves to amaze His people.

God loves to answer prayer. He loves to respond to our asking- not just doing what we ask but doing far, far, far more, on another dimension we’d never even have thought of. He is far bigger; far wiser; far more wonderful than us.

And yet He loves to answer us; loves to work on our behalf.

Yes, we need to have our hearts aligned with His. Yes, we need to understand that the answers may look different to our expectations. Yes, we may need to wait. But, when we are seeking His way of doing things, honestly, there is an open Heaven above us and a blank cheque (actually, countless blank cheques) at our disposal.

So ask crazy things. Ask beautiful things. Ask impossible things.

Dream big. We have a big, big, big God.

And He is waiting for you to ask.

Because He wants to answer your prayers.




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